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Metra Park

Every August the Association staffs an information booth at Montana Fair to provide information to the public on all aspects of gardening. Comprehensive literature and advice are featured at this annual event.

Billings area Master Gardeners created the Metra Park Demonstration Garden in 2003 as a means to educate the public about square foot gardening. Individuals or teams are formed each spring and assigned a four-foot-square plot to plant. A contest determines which team can come up with the most creative ideas. The gardens are then judged, awarded prizes and showcased at Montana Fair.

YCMGA obtained consent from the Nile coordinator to develop a project called the Master Gardener Education and Demonstration Garden at Metra Park which started in the spring of 2014. Gardens which have been developed so far include: a children’s garden, a xeric garden, a wheelchair accessible garden, a perennial garden and a vegetable garden. Many more gardens can be developed dynamically in the future. For more information on the progress of the project visit the update pages:

2015 Update and 2017 Update

If anyone is interested in becoming involved in the projects at Metra Park please contact:

Amy Grandpre or Bob Wicks

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"YC Master Gardeners are making a difference in Yellowstone County through education, environmental stewardship and community service."