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Master Gardener Level (1)

Level (1) classes meet each week (your choice of Monday or Friday) scheduled for February through March.
  • Introduction to MSU Extension and the Master Gardener Program
  • Soils and Fertility
  • Plant Growth and Development (Part 1)
  • Growing Food From Your Garden
  • Flowers
  • Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Pruning
  • Lawns and Irrigation
  • Yard and Garden Maintenance/Composting
  • Intro to IPM-Integrated Pest Management

If you have questions, please contact Amy Grandpre at (406) 256-2821.

Master Gardener Level (2)

Level (2) classes meet each week (your choice of Monday or Friday) scheduled for March through June.
  • The Role of Master Gardener in Extension
  • Binomial Nomenclature
  • Fertility and Plant Nutrients
  • Plant Growth and Development (Part 2)
  • Etymology, Plant Diseases and Abiotic Disorders
  • Vegetable and Fruit IPM
  • Advanced Pruning and Woody Ornamental Care
  • Propagation
  • Water Conservation

Master Gardener Level (3)

Exact details concerning class schedules have yet to be determined. Check back in the future for more details.

A three-day intensive training course held at Montana State University in Bozeman for renewing Master Gardeners who have shown a committed dedication to the program.

For course cost and tentative schedule details contact Toby Day, Extension Horticulture Associate, in Bozeman at: 406-334-6523.

Course Certification and Testing

You must attend six of the eight course classes. Makeup classes are available.

Participants that complete either the Level (1) or Level (2) Master Gardener course will receive a certificate of participation.

Those wishing to obtain state certification as a Master Gardener must take both Level (1) and Level (2) state developed exams and obtain a passing score. The state will mail the certification to the successful tester after the participant has registered the required volunteer hours for the year.

”Please consider becoming a part of the future of the Yellowstone County Master Gardener Association. Areas of opportunity include volunteering your time, working on fund raising projects, providing financial assistance, sharing gardening expertise and having fun with all the activities.”